Low bed semi-trailers, low loader semi-trailers

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Low bed semi-trailers: 1393 ads

Suspension spring/spring Fifth wheel height 49.21 in
Year 1977 Mileage Load cap. 66.14 lb
Netherlands, BORNERBROEK
Year 1970-03 Mileage Load cap.
Portugal, AGUIM
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Year 1996-02-16 Mileage Load cap. 69270 lb
Netherlands, Vriezenveen
$18,780 EUR €16,750
Year 2007-08-23 Mileage Load cap.
Netherlands, Harderwijk
Year 2016-01-01 Mileage Load cap. 88070 lb
Netherlands, Almelo
Suspension spring/spring
Year 05/1979 Mileage Load cap.
France, LIMAY
$28,020 EUR €25,000
Year 2018-01-01 Mileage Load cap.
Netherlands, Velddriel
$8,407 EUR €7,500
Suspension air/air
Year 2003-05-01 Mileage Load cap.
Lithuania, Rumsiskes
$22,420 EUR €20,000
Suspension air/air
Year 2010-09-10 Mileage Load cap. 65590 lb
Lithuania, Rumsiskes
$39,200 PLN PLN150,000
Year 2006 Mileage 5000 m/h Load cap.
Poland, Jawor
auction auction
Year Mileage Load cap.
Belgium, Mont-Saint-Guibert
$5,225 EUR €4,661
Year 1975 Mileage Load cap.
Sweden, 62 Trelleborg
$35,520 PLN PLN135,950
Year 2007 Mileage 5000 m/h Load cap.
Poland, Zabrodzie
Year 1990-06 Mileage Load cap.
Portugal, AGUIM
Year 2003-06-01 Mileage Load cap.
Netherlands, Andelst
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