TRAILOR S semi-trailers

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TRAILOR S semi-trailers: 5 ads

TRAILOR S2 LAMMES/BLATT low bed semi-trailer
$7,219 EUR €6,500
Low bed semi-trailer
Year 1962-12-10 Mileage Load cap.
Belgium, GENK
TRAILOR S 343 CP '91 tipper semi-trailer
$9,440 EUR €8,500
Tipper semi-trailer
Volume V=733.8 ft³ Suspension spring/spring
Year 1991 Mileage Load cap.
Greece, Trhίkala
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TRAILOR S-323E, 3 Axle Spring/Blat/Lames flatbed semi-trailer
$4,998 EUR €4,500
Flatbed semi-trailer
Year 1982-06-30 Mileage Load cap. 54780 lb
Netherlands, Susteren
TRAILOR S-32 low bed semi-trailer
Low bed semi-trailer
Year 1975 Mileage Load cap. 32850 lb
Netherlands, Zwolle
TRAILOR S32 3E 3-AXLE FULL STEEL WITH TWISTLOCKS (1x40FT + 2x20FT / DRUM platform semi-trailer
$6,441 EUR €5,800
Platform semi-trailer
Year 1993-07-13 Mileage Load cap. 65940 lb
Netherlands, Meerkerk
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