Sewer jetter trucks, sewer flusher truck

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Sewer jetter trucks: 65 ads

Volume V=105.9 ft³ Suspension spring/spring
Year 2000 Power 120 HP Euro
Poland, Bodzentyn
Volume V=26.42 gal
Year 2006 Power Euro Euro 4
Denmark, Padborg
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Year Power 130 HP Euro
China, Hubei
$71,410 EUR €64,200
Suspension spring/spring Model Wiedemann SUPER 3000
Year 09/2002 Power 460 HP Euro Euro 3
Poland, Opole
Volume V=2.91 gal Suspension air/air Model JHL
Year 2002 Power Euro Euro 3
Denmark, Padborg
Volume V=494.4 ft³ Suspension spring/air Flusher brand Kroll Model AT/FL: E5V FL
Year 2019-03 Power 476 HP Euro Euro 6
Germany, Bielefeld
Year 2003-08 Power 129 HP Euro Euro 2
Germany, Bielefeld
$4,338 EUR €3,900
Year 01/1980 Power Euro
Germany, Wendelstein
$36,150 EUR €32,500
Volume V=353.1 ft³
Year 11/2006 Power Euro
Romania, Măgurele
Volume V=3.43 gal Suspension spring/air Model Leistikao Kombi
Year 2004-05-21 Power 360 HP Euro
Germany, Stuhr
$9,455 EUR €8,500
Flusher brand Ravo Model Woma 45Y 1000 bar
Year 2004 Power 240 HP Euro Euro 3
Netherlands, Zuidwolde
$33,370 EUR €29,999
Year 01/2001 Power Euro Euro 2
Volume V=52.97 ft³
Year 2019 Power Euro
Germany, Kirchhundem
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